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Checkout Page Overview

Easily collect payments on desktop and mobile devices with the help of the checkout page integration.

The PayPro Global checkout page has been developed and designed to help you effortlessly sell your product worldwide. For your global customer base, the checkout page allows one-time payments and subscriptions, multiple payment methods, is fully tax compliant with all regulations, translated into 30+ languages, and supports 110+ currencies to keep the conversion rate high and the customers' purchasing experience flawless.

Checkout Page Types

PayPro Global supports the following types of checkout pages:

Web checkoutCart for the purchases done directly on the website.
iFrame checkoutPayment window embedded within the webpage.
Pop-up checkoutEmbedded cart that opens on top of the webpage.
In-app checkoutPayment window integrated within the application.
In-game checkoutPayment window integrated within the game.
Mobile checkoutCart that is dedicated to mobile devices.

Checkout Page Description

PayPro Global checkout pages are dynamic, meaning the system detects the language of the user's browser and opens the info already localized. The country and currency will be displayed based on the customer's IP address. These settings can be overridden if you predefine them with the URL parameters. It will allow you to have a mono flow if you wish to sell your product in a particular currency or language only.


The payment methods will be displayed according to the customer's billing country, so you can be sure that your customers will only see the payment options available for them.

There are mandatory fields that the checkout page should include. In most cases, those would be:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email
  4. Country

Some countries will trigger additional mandatory checkout fields required for achieving local payment regulation compliance and an improved conversion rate when processing an order.

If you collect any of the required customer information upfront, like the email during registration, the fields on the checkout page can be preselected or hidden to make the checkout form shorter. Please know that we will require you to pass this info to us via URL parameters.

Depending on your business model, the checkout page can include the Business purchase option, License to another person option, or other additional custom fields you need to collect during the order placement.

The tax amount is automatically added to the product on the checkout page to be compliant with all international tax regulations, and afterward, the PayPro Global Accounting team will file and remit taxes for you.

The default page templates are flexible and can be easily customized to be co-branded with your business (contact your account manager directly or write to us at [email protected] to receive samples). Our dedicated Integration Team can create a payment page for you based on your design and expectations.