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Real-time API & Webhook Reporting Overview

The product, order, and subscription-related reporting programmatically to automate your workflow.

PayPro Global API supports external reporting requests that can pull the following data for you:

Allows you to receive detailed information about the products in your Control Panel including logo, SKU and additional data
Returns the information on the particular pricing option and current currency value for different locations, localization and payment methods
Retrieves the list of existing orders based on the selected filters and date range
Pulls complete information for the particular order(s)
Returns detailed subscription information, including status, initial order ID, and other strings to you

Extended API documentation can be accessed here.

PayPro Global webhooks send real-time message activity events (e.g. purchase completed, subscription charge, refund etc.) in an HTTP POST. Whenever the trigger event occurs at PayPro Global's backend, the webhook sees the event, collects the data, and sends it to the URL specified by you in your PayPro Global account in the form of an HTTP request to the third-party platform.

You can find more information about each individual event type in our Webhooks documentation.