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PayPro Global Dashboard

Once logged into your Control Panel, the first window to be displayed is your dashboard – a graphic display of your sales’ evolution and the actions occurring on your site as a result of your sales & marketing strategies. Here you can find a complete overview of your total balance, sales, orders & subscriptions.


The total sales and orders display is a straightforward graph illustrating the monthly Gross Revenue (excluding taxes) you have gained and the volume of orders processed.


You can also check sales tendencies per country, see the latest orders and news at PayPro Global.


You can easily see your ten latest orders (initial or recurring payments), your revenue per each order as well as the status:


The information blocks in your dashboard can be easily rearranged, through a simple drag-and-drop system, allowing you to choose the best-suited configuration according to your key business indicators. The dashboard provides you with all the data & tools you need to thoroughly and efficiently manage your entire online business.