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Email Template Overview

Using our Email Templates module, you can design & personalize all the automated messages you intend to use in day-to-day emails, specific campaigns, or special, personalized communication for certain customer segments.

This section's dashboard displays all your currently existing templates, which can be sorted based on:

  • template ID
  • template name
  • email type
  • creation date
  • author
  • last modified date

Email Creation

The email creation process consists of 2 steps:

  1. Go to Settings to define the general settings of your new email template, including its status (active/inactive), name, description, and products to assign.

There are email templates which can be customized, but are general per account with no option to assign the products. In this case, the system sends the last modified email template of its type.

  1. Go to Customize to define the email's subject and populate your email template with the required text in your chosen language in either text or HTML format. You can provide information in the Email from and Name from fields. However, it's important to understand that it may influence your delivery rate. PayPro Global's domain would have the highest delivery rate in this case.

You can check your edits and your e-mail’s overall layout at any point throughout the design process by using the built-in preview function.

We provide all default email templates in both versions, text and HTML. You can use our templates, the majority of which are translated into some European and Asian languages.

To move forward with the email creation, please click on Add email template and you can choose which template type you want to create from the drop-down E-mail type.

Once you save the changes, the default text of the template will be preselected on 2. Customize in both text and HTML versions. When editing the body of an email template, we support text and HTML versions of email templates, and each of them can be customized. By default, we send both versions simultaneously. If the customer's email client doesn't read HTML for any reason, then the text version will be displayed. It makes sense to keep both versions the same in terms of content.


We provide translations for our default templates. If you want to have your custom emails localized, please add your translations.

You can add any vendor tags you may need from the list of options displayed on the right side of the window. The tags are divided into five main categories, Product, Order info, Customer, Vendor, Company and vary for different email types. Most of the tags are self-explanatory and if you want to customize the tag or need to add any custom info via tag, please contact our Integration team at [email protected]

Email template

Additionally, each provided email template can be customized as well, either on your own or with the help of our dedicated Integration team, just reach out to us via [email protected].


If you are done editing the HTML version of your email template, don't forget to tick the option Check this box ONLY when the HTML template is ready for delivery and save the changes. Otherwise, only text version will be sent to your customers.