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Affiliate & Partner Distribution Networks Overview

With PayPro Global, you can have a secondary sales channel – affiliates or partners distribution network - to increase your indirect income!

The affiliate and the partner model of the commission distribution will help boost your revenue, reach additional markets and build a solid network for promoting your products.

In terms of the PayPro Global system, the key difference between these two models is the way the commission is split using buy-now checkout links.

Affiliates should use special checkout links containing vendor product IDs and affiliate agreement ID which resulting in specified order amount distribution between a vendor and an affiliate. After that, customers who purchased such products using the above link are considered attracted by them. From affiliate-link sales, affiliate receives their commission as defined by the affiliate agreement between them and the vendor.

In their turn, partners receive the commission determined in the partner agreement from each sale of the product of the partner, regardless of what link the buyer used to purchase the product.

Based on the needed flow, you can decide which model suits your needs and check how to set up the network.

In both options, affiliates or partners should have an account registered within PayPro Global's system to be credited for the purchases and withdraw funds.