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Dynamic Checkout Links Overview

Generate your custom checkout links which you can post on your website or send directly to your customers from a single dedicated area of your panel.

Navigate to your account, Developer tools -> Purchase link generator. You will be presented with a list of products from your catalog.

Choose the product(s) you want to generate the checkout link for and click on Add. A page will reload, and you will be presented with the following options to add to the URL:

  • page template - choose from the drop-down list the needed checkout design that are available in your account;
  • language - choose the language that will be applied to the checkout.
  • currency - choose the currency that will be selected on the checkout.
  • first name - enter the customer's first name.
  • last name - enter the customer's last name.
  • email - enter the customer's email.
  • country - choose the customer's country.
  • city - enter the customer's city.
  • address - enter the customer's address.
  • payment method - choose the payment method that will be preselected on the checkout page.

Once you're done with predefining the information, click on Generate link and the URL will be displayed at the top of the page.

Before posting or sending the link to the customer, you can also tick the checkbox Test mode to generate it in a test mode to try it yourself first.

Additionally, if the product you selected has an active cross-sell or upsell campaign assigned to it, then you can choose whether to add it to the URL or not with a checkbox.

Dynamic Settings Enabled

If your product has dynamic settings enabled (Step 2. Pricing configuration-> Dynamic settings), you have the option to re-write the original product settings and generate the link here. Tick the checkbox Use dynamic settings under the product name:

You will be provided with the additional sub-items:

  • dynamic setting
  • dynamic prices
  • dynamic recurring prices (available only for subscriptions with enabled option First charge amount is different than recurring charges)
  • dynamic custom fields

Under dynamic settings, you can provide a new product name and description and define the discount percentage. There is the option to limit the availability of the checkout URL in time by selecting the link expiration date and time (UTC) from the built-in calendar.

In dynamic prices, define the needed product price in a particular currency or in more as well as the SKU.

In dynamic recurring prices, define the recurring product price in a particular currency or in more as well as the SKU.

In dynamic custom field, you can predefine the custom information that will be passed to the checkout page and then you can receive it in webhooks via ORDER_CUSTOM_FIELDS=


The checkout link will be generated depending on the selected dynamic settings (encrypted / non-encrypted) in the product setup.

All dynamic information will be hidden under the parameter products[i][data]=DATA for encrypted dynamic settings.

In the case of non-encrypted dynamic settings, the data will be passed via dedicated URL parameters:


The description can be found here.

If the hash protection is enabled, then products[i][hash]= will be added.