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Go-live Checklist


We know how much you value your time and how selling your products is essential for your business. That's why we have created this go-live checklist to help you make sure you are all set.

Configure Your Product(s)

Make sure you have set the products and their pricing in your Control Panel account. Check if proper product IDs are assigned to your buy buttons.


To know more about how to create a subscription or a one-time fee product, available pricing options, and additional features, please follow the links.

Select and Customize the Checkout Page

Once you decide which checkout page type works best for you, customize it or ask our Integration team to help. The page template should then be assigned to your products in Control Panel or passed in the URL to display the proper version.


Click here to learn more about the checkout pages and their types.

Webhook Integration

Make sure that you have added the URL to each of your products where our IPN will reach your server.


Click here to learn more about webhook.

API Integration

You may need our API functionality for post-purchase actions, such as subscription management, assigning affiliates, etc. Check if you have the up-to-date credentials and if your IP addresses are whitelisted in the PayPro Global system.


Click here for more details.

Set-up Notifications

It is important to establish proper communication between you and your customers. For this reason, you will need to set email notifications in Store settings -> Notifications and the templates that will be sent to your customers in Email templates.


Click here to learn more about email templates.

Configure Marketing Promotions

Use our marketing tools to boost your customer loyalty, increase your average cart value and lift your conversion.


Click here to find out how.


We recommend that you test everything out before going live. There is no need for a sandbox account as everything can be tested here, in your PayPro Global Control Panel.

To enable the test mode, you need to add the following URL parameters to the checkout link:


For complex testing, you may contact your account manager for credit cards used for testing. This will allow you to replicate declined orders, refunded orders, or even chargebacks.

Set-up Financial Details

Make sure you add your financial details in Account settings -> Withdraw funds to receive your payouts regularly. There are plenty of options to choose from.


Click here to get the details and check the available payment methods.