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Subscription Migration

PayPro Global handles the subscription migration process on your behalf, importing your subscriptions from other payment providers.

Process Overview

To start the process, you'll need to request a data export from your current or former payment provider and ask them to transfer the data to us via a secure connection. We can also work with your current payment provider to securely migrate your data over to us, including sensitive payment information.

We will agree with you and the previous payment provider on the right time to start the migration process to ensure no issues occur.


When we are referencing the subscription migration, we mean only subscriptions paid via credit/debit cards, as that's the payment data that can be securely passed between providers to ensure successful future subscription payments.

To migrate your data to PayPro Global, follow these steps:

  1. Create the subscription products you require in your PayPro Global account.
  2. Create and set up your webhooks and complete your API integration.
  3. Ask your current payment provider to transfer your data to PayPro Global.
  4. When the migration is completed, you should receive a log file with the transferred data.

Securely import sensitive customer and payment data from your current payment provider that is PCI DSS certified into your PayPro Global account via SFTP.

The subscription migration will follow this flow:

  1. PayPro Global will give you a public encryption key in an acceptable format (*.asc,*.crt, *gpg, 256-bit).
  2. PayPro Global will provide the necessary credentials for SFTP. This allows your current payment provider to log into our SFTP server.
  3. Your current payment provider will encrypt the data using our public key and then transmit the data onto our SFTP server.
  4. PayPro Global will retrieve it and perform the import.

Once the import is complete, we will provide you with a log file containing the subscription IDs, product IDs, and customer IDs created in the PayPro Global system.

Data Format

We accept data in CSV format with UTF-8 encoding. Data provided in any other format may cause importing delays

Mapping the Data

The ProductID field is the primary identifier used for mapping the data. You must create a product(s) in your PayPro Global account, and the imported file must also contain a ProductID field. If you already created and mapped the products on your own in the PayPro Global system, it can be an ID of these products.

Otherwise, it can be a product ID from your former payment provider. Still, we will need to get a mapping document where the product IDs from another provider would be compared with the corresponding product IDs from our PayPro Global system. Also, if there are two separate files, one for the credit/debit card details and another for the subscription / customer details, you need to provide us with the mapping file for this.

Required Fields

The required fields for the import file are as follows:

  • OrderID
  • OrderDate
  • Email
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • Country
  • State
  • Zip
  • Language
  • Currency
  • RebillsProcessed
  • LastRebillAmount
  • NextRebillDate
  • ProductID
  • ProductName
  • RebillCycleInDays
  • RenewalAmount
  • CardExpirationDate
  • CardNumber
  • NameOnCard
  • Customfields

If you have subscriptions purchased using other payment methods than a credit/debit card, they can easily be defined as manual subscriptions in our system. We will create a customer profile and send them the renewal link once their billing cycle ends. Contact your account manager for more details.