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Go Live Quickly With No-Code Integration

Deployment speed is essential. If your goal is to start selling your products globally without needing to complete a complex integration yourself, we are happy to share our quick start manual that allows you to quickly go live.

Create a One-Time Fee Product or a Subscription

Go to Store settings -> Product setup and click Add product.

  • For a one-time fee product, you just need to put the value in the Product name field, set the status to Active and define the price in Step 3 - Pricing.

  • To create a subscription, in addition to the above-mentioned steps, you need to choose Subscription plan in Step 2 - Pricing configuration and define the subscription values there. Once the setup is saved, please click on the Purchase button in the right corner.

Once the setup is saved, please click on the Purchase link button in the right corner to generate a checkout link.

License Delivery

We offer two options for license delivery, a pre-loaded list or an external generator. You may upload your keys to the Control Panel and assign products to it in the License management section. Our system will deliver the keys to the customer after the purchase occurs on the Thank you page and Email Confirmation screen.

If you use your own license generator or a third-party tool, you can simply add the URL where we will be sending LicenseRequested webhook. We will be expecting to receive a reply from you that will be treated as a license key by our system and will be instantly delivered to your customer.

The purchase link generator (Developer tools -> Purchase link generator) is the tool that will help you generate standardized and trackable URLs for all purchases made through our platform. The dashboard of this section displays the complete list of products in your portfolio for which you can generate purchase links.

To generate a purchase URL simply click Add in the Quantity column. In the editing window, you can enter basic information like language, currency, customer personal, and billing information.

Once you have filled in these details, simply click on the Generate link button, and your new purchase URL is ready to be used. Accessing this link allows you to perform a final check of all components within the page and review the entire content and layout of this page.

Invoice Your Clients With a Quote

Whether your main focus is to work directly with your clients in the B2B market, testing the product-market fit, or you're still trying to figure out your best pricing model, you can use the option to invoice your clients with a quote.

To get a quote, you need to generate a payment link using the purchase link generator and add the URL parameters


Follow this link and click on the Get quote button.

You can send this link directly to customers or click the Download as PDF button and provide them with the quote in PDF format. Your customers can pay the invoice online with the payment method of their choice by selecting the Click here to pay option.