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Control Panel Reporting Overview

PayPro Global offers you a wide range of reports to track your sales, revenue, conversion and other aspects of data. 50+ report sections will allow you to see the data from all possible perspectives. Reports are located in the dedicated section of the Control Panel, can be extracted in multiple file types, and scheduled to be delivered to your mail automatically based on the filters previously selected. Once set, you will be able to receive full data on regular basis, so your accounting department will have complete data to work with.

Drill Down Reports

The Drill Down Reports section hosts a set of 5 overview analyses for your online performance based on 5 main criteria:

  • Orders & Customers – review the order details and the associated gross revenue, customer profiling (full name, email, country, language, IP), day and time of day when purchases were made, licensing details (if any), payment methods used and custom data (if any).
  • Sold products – see the evolution of product sales here; the reports show the data per order item (one order can have several order items).
  • Page actions – check the detailed analysis of your customers’ interactions with your website and what actions were made on the PayPro Global checkout page.
  • Transactions – overview of your account’s balance, the volume, and type of transactions processed and their chronological distribution.
  • Subscriptions – see the subscription details like their subscription ID, status, renewal type, billing period, next payment date, pricing details, etc., along with customer profiling (full name, email, country, language) and trial details.
  • The order should NOT be treated as a transaction. Customers can place the order with the non-instant payment method (e.g. wire transfer) and, in this case, it takes a few days to receive the funds. Hence, the order and the transaction creation date will differ. The information in the Orders & Customers report and Transactions is not suitable for comparison.

  • Page action OrderSubmit means that the customer clicked the submit button on the checkout page. It doesn't mean that the customer paid for the order, although the system might have assigned the identification number to the purchasing attempt.

  • Summarized information on Drill-down reports -> Transactions can be found in Others -> Balance details.


The Orders section offers you a quick & relevant overview of your online performance based on orders registered for your currently available products. Using the information available here, you can easily track top countries, currencies and payment methods per total order count, as well as check yearly/monthly/daily stats on orders.


Each report within the Sold Products section allows you to get a clear view of the details most relevant to you with regard to your product catalogue. In the Product sales report, you can see the total sales grouped per product ID. There are dedicated product sales reports grouped by country, currency, payment method, and period (yearly, monthly, daily).


The Transaction section offers you transaction type analyses to help you grasp all the aspects of how your online business is performing. It is based on summarizing each transaction type that influenced your balance in general or on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis.

Page Actions

Use the Page Actions report to see the summary of how many visitors opened the checkout page (action PageOpen), submitted the order (action OrderSubmit) and track other actions they performed on the payment page in general and per year/month/day.


Subscriptions give you the information related to your subscription statuses which are grouped by country, currency, payment method, and period (year, month, day).


Over 20 detailed reports are hosted in the Others section, covering different business indicators. Important data as Conversion, Balance details, Checkout A/B testing results and IPN details can be checked here.