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Create Your Partner's Network Overview

If you want to share the income (royalty) from the product sales with your partner, navigate to your account, Partners and click on Add partner to create a partner agreement.

You will be requested to input the following fields:

StatusActivate or deactivate the agreement based on your current understanding with the partner.
Partner account IDInput the account ID number of your partner.
Partner account email

Input the partner's email, which is used as a primary account email.


Your partner should have an account in the PayPro Global system. To receive the information about how obtain an account, contact our team at [email protected]

Apply for all productsBy default, this option is ticked, and you can define the percentage of commission and recurring commission for all products in the fields Commission and Recurring commission. Untick it if you want to select particular products and define the commission and recurring commission per product.
Use all over the worldSelect the market where your partner wants your product sales commission by unchecking the option Use all over the world and selecting the specific countries or regions.

You can enable the following options to better manage your cooperation with the partner:

  • Pay Share from Net profit
  • Share end-user information with the partner
  • Do not distribute shares if an affiliate sold the product

Once you activate the agreement, your partner will receive the defined commission from each sale of the product listed.