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Products & Settings Setup Overview

You can find the details of the Affiliates sub-menus Products and Settings here.


The Products section is dedicated to the complete list of available products in your catalog. Along with the product ID and product name, it features the affiliate-specific information: product commission, recurring purchases commission, coverage (markets for which you have defined a specific product to be available), and the product’s status (active/ inactive).

  • Columns as commission, recurring commission and coverage will display the information once you have an active agreement for a particular product(s) with the affiliate.

  • All products, by default, will have the inactive status. They should be added to the affiliate campaign via Network Builder and be included in the active affiliate agreement for their status to be changed to active.

Each of the products listed here can be updated at any time using the Edit option – this will open a dedicated window, allowing you to update settings which include:

  • the commission for affiliates
  • the recurring commission

The product and recurring sales commissions are automatically taken in from the value defined in the Settings section. You can override the commission discount value here when editing the product. The commission settings described in this section will be automatically applied when you create a new affiliate campaign via network builder. Additionally, you can always update the commission per product while creating the campaign.

  • whether or not the commission % is to be calculated using the net value
  • whether or not you wish to credit affiliates for on-page cross-sell, pop-up cross-sell and up-sell

Once you have accessed the editing area of a specific product, you can also customize its visual marketing components:

  • product logo – upload your artwork for this product to be used by your affiliates in the campaigns promoting your product
  • banner – upload your preferred banner design for your affiliates to use when promoting this product
  • trial version – input the URL leading to the trial version package for this product if you wish to allow your affiliates to offer their visitors a free trial version of your product (as a lead-gathering tactic)


The Settings section within the Affiliates sub-menu is the central console for all the financial aspects in your direct relationship with your affiliate network.

The default product and recurring sales commission are defined here and they will be automatically taken in when generating your affiliate campaigns. You can, however, update these values as you see fit at anytime by editing the corresponding fields in the Products campaign setup.

You can activate/ deactivate a set of other options impacting your affiliate network results:

  • Credit on-page Cross-sells – according to your business strategy, you can allow your affiliates to gain extra commissions from the products sold via your cross-sell or up-sell campaigns. If you choose to do so, simply check the tickbox to enable a supplementary commission for the products sold through on-page cross-sell.

  • Credit smart pop-up Cross-sells – tick this option if you wish to offer your affiliates extra credit for product sales registered through pop-up cross-sells.

  • Credit Up-sells – tick this option if you wish to offer your affiliates a supplementary bonus for extra sales registered by your affiliate network via up-sell tactics.

  • Affiliate notification URL - specify the URL that will be used for affiliate system callbacks. A notification is sent as JSON when an affiliate has signed up for an agreement. Example:


TYPE: Signup


COMPANY_NAME: Affiliate Company






EMAIL: [email protected]

AGREEMENT_CREATED_UTC: 09/08/2022 08:55:26

  • Affiliate cookie expired after - input the lifetime duration of an affiliate cookie, specifying the number of days, weeks, months, or years for which the affiliate cookie will still be live.